The Watershed Tour

Product Code: 5419/R-5419 (Reagent Refill)
Introduce students to stream and river ecosystems through a classroom-based tour of a virtual watershed. Geared toward students in grades 4-8 and designed for teachers who are unable visit a stream with their students. Students will learn about stream ecology, water quality issues, and their own connection to a watershed.

Through a week long series of hands-on TesTab® tablet tests, games, and activities, students will "test" four stations along a river continuum—from the headwaters to the mouth of the river as it enters the estuary-to study how the river changes and how human activities can influence water quality. Includes lecture materials, illustrated handouts, teacher's tips, test procedures, TesTab® reagents, data sheets, and games. TesTab® reagents and test tubes for 30 students in groups.