LaMotte offers a convenient, economical way to perform spot checks for several water quality factors. LaMotte InstaTEST strips are a great way to monitor water without having to use reagents or field kits.

Just Dip & Read!

Just dip the strip into the water and receive accurate, instant results. Our formula is designed for stable colour development to allow adequate time for the user to match very distinct colours while preventing cross-contamination between pads.

InstaTEST strips are convenient and reliable. The patented bottle has a moulded desiccant liner that protects the strips from moisture intrusion and eliminates loose desiccant bags. Greater moisture protection and fast, reliable results make the InstaTEST strips and unbeatable test system.

Pool & Spa

InstaTEST offer a wide range of strips for testing pool and spa water.

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Test Strips & Papers

LaMotte do a range of accurate and reliable single and multi-factor test strips for the above market sectors.

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